Why You Should Consider Simtek Fence for Your Home?

When your home or commercial property needs a new fence, and you seek a more natural-looking material option without the extra cost, you may want to consider a Simtek fence. This material is perfect if you want to have a fence that ideally blends in with the natural environment around your home. 

What is the Simtek fence, and what are its benefits? At G’s Fence Company of San Antonio, we would like to shed light on the topic to help you determine how it can fit into your home.

What are Simtek Fences?

Simtek fences are made of polyethylene and rely on a unique proprietary technology for fence manufacturing. The result is a fence that looks exactly like a stone fence. The color and texture of the material perfectly imitate that of stone. However, its benefits are not just aesthetical. Your Simtek fence will also hold its own over the years.

Benefits of Installing Simtek Fences

Getting a Simtek fence means much more than just having a natural-looking stone fence bordering your property. There are many more benefits to having such a fence.

i. Excellent Durability.

Simtek fences feature a proprietary combination of a material known as linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). Additionally, the material is reinforced with galvanized steel. Your Simtek fence offers the following benefits in terms of durability:

  • They can withstand sudden and severe changes in temperature
  • They have UV12 inhibitors that make them fade-resistant to sunlight

This means you can also choose your fence to be in darker colors that will not fade. The fence can withstand temperatures as high as 104 degrees and as low as -40 degrees. Besides, it can also withstand winds up to 124 mph.

ii. Excellent Privacy.

A Simtek fence can just be the perfect option when you need a privacy fence around your property. 

  • The design doesn’t allow any gaps
  • The fence can be constructed to a height of your choice

A high enough Simtek fence can be impossible for anyone to climb without equipment.

iii. Almost Maintenance-Free.

Your Simtek fence, once installed, will require almost no maintenance at all. If you don’t want to be bothered by regular maintenance, it is recommended to consider this material for your fence. 

  • There is no need to seal, paint, or stain the fence
  • Your fence will look like new without fading, warping, or cracking
  • Your fence will not crack due to constant exposure to the sun

Besides, these fences are extremely easy to clean. Any unwanted graffiti and paint can be easily removed with pressure washing.

iv. Aesthetic Versatility.

Simtek offers an array of sizes and color options to choose from. Your fence can thus be customized to your personal preferences or to match your property’s theme or existing looks. The most popular color options include:

  • Beige granite
  • Brown granite
  • Dark brown granite
  • Gray granite
  • Black granite

Besides, you can also select them in different lengths and widths. 

There are many more benefits of installing a Simtek fence. This fence also provides excellent soundproof properties, is easy to install, and helps increase your property’s value. For more information about Simtek fence, feel free to contact G’s Fence Company of San Antonio at (210) 888-1498 or send us a message.

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