Summertime Maintenance Tips for Your Iron Fence

The onset of summer exposes your iron fence to intense heat, rust, and humidity. Given that metal surfaces tend to retain heat and dry out rapidly, your fence remains susceptible to deterioration. Why let the summer heat rob your beautiful fence of its charm and durability?

With professional fence care and timely upkeep, you can add to the lifeline of your fence and spruce up its curb appeal. 

Being one of the established fencing companies, we recommend timely maintenance. This way, you won’t be investing in fence repair every few years. At GS Fence, we specialize in maintaining both residential and commercial fences. 

In case your wrought iron fence has missed the scheduled maintenance during summer, we would be happy to help!

Here are some effective summertime iron fence maintenance tips from our end.


How to maintain your iron fence in summer?

Our comprehensive approach to fence care includes rust inspection, lubricating hinges, and applying protective coatings.

  • Timely cleaning

As a part of our fence maintenance schedule, we recommend cleaning iron fences before summertime. Use a specialized iron fence cleaner or a mild detergent to remove the dirt build-up and debris. Gently scrub the grime away using a soft sponge or brush. Once done, rinse the metal surface with water and let it dry. This way, you will cherish the visual appeal of your fences.

  • Rust inspection

The high moisture levels and humidity during summer months render iron fences susceptible to rusting. Thoroughly inspect the fence, looking out for signs of rust. Closely examine the welds and joints along with the exposed surfaces.

Once you detect rusty spots, remove them using a sandpaper or brush. Next, apply a primer to secure the metal surface from further corrosion.

  • Apply protective coatings

A protective coating would prevent the harsh elements of summer away from deteriorating your fence. We recommend using a specialized metal sealant or high-quality paint to shield off the harsh UV rays. Besides, a protective coating or quality paint keeps corrosion at bay.

Before applying any coating, clean the metal surface thoroughly. Regularly inspect the fence and touch up any area where the coating might have worn off.

  • Lubricate moving parts and hinges

Well, you wouldn’t like squeaking hinges or jammed components around your fence. Lubricate the hinges and moving parts to ensure smooth operation. We recommend specially formulated lubricant for metal surfaces. Graphite powders or silicone-based lubricants help in preventing squeaking by reducing friction.

Lubricating your fence before summer ensures that your gate operates smoothly. Besides, it prevents premature wear and tear of the hinges.

  • Remove unwanted vegetation

It’s common to see your plants and shrubs grow vigorously during the summer months. Unless you trim back the overgrown vegetation, they tend to encroach on your fence. Excessive pressure from large shrubs or branches damages the hinges. Besides, you wouldn’t like those scratches on the newly painted surface.

Therefore, the summer inspection period would be ideal to do away with unwanted vegetation.

Why expose your iron fence to the wrath of summer with professional fencing experts around? Reach out to us at GS Fence for a thorough inspection and maintenance of your fence during the summer. Call us on (210) 888-1498 or fill up this contact form, so that our experts can reach out to you.

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