Residential Wood Fencing Installation

Benefits of Residential Wood Fencing In San Antonio TX

The wood residential fencing installation is the most popular choice for fencing in homes within San Antonio, TX. A stylish wood fence will enhance curb appeal, increase property value, and increase security and privacy of your home. G’s Fence Company in San Antonio offers a variety of fencing options, such as wood fencing. They provide more details on this attractive and durable fencing product:

What are the reasons to pick fences made of wood?

It gives your home an elegant, classic look. It is also the one that’s recognized material for residential communities that have rules and guidelines for architecture. You can easily alter the color of your fence in the event that the exterior of your house is altered, and if you’d like something distinctive, you can contact G’s Fence Company about completely custom designs. With the various options available to build an attractive fence that meets your individual requirements and budget.

What types of wood fencing are there?

Types of Wooden Fencing

The Cedar Wood is a very popular choice because it has a beautiful visual appeal and naturally resists insects and decay. Cedar is also less prone to shrink, warp or split. You can let it age into a beautiful silvery grey or If you like the warm reddish-brown hue, stain your cedar fence every two or three years. It is more costly than pressure-treated lumber.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is becoming increasingly well-liked by homeowners. These fences are constructed with recycled materials that are 100% recyclable. It is weatherproof, and requires minimal maintenance such as staining, waterproofing, painting or applying pesticides. Instead, you have to spray using a garden hose, or wipe it clean with the help of a cloth if it becomes dirty.

Aluminum fencing

If you are looking for the appearance of an iron fence, or you want to have more security in your home, without the high maintenance fees that come with it, then consider aluminum fencing. Aluminum is among the most lightweight metals, and this is why it is the material of choice for the production of fences. In addition it is resistant to corrosion unlike wrought iron.

Pool Fencing

Making sure the pool is safe is vital. In the first place, it stops your children and other guests from having a swim when you’re not there. In many cases, it helps you avoid a variety of accidents that happen during summer. The majority of the fencing used for pool fencing is made from Aluminum , and it is available in a variety of styles and colors, but the standard is black. To guarantee a longer life the screws and posts are made of stainless steel which are corrosion resistant.

Whichever type of fencing you select. The primary goals that can be achieved is privacy as well as security, and improving the value of your home. Many times, homeowners build a fence to increase the value of their home before the sale, thus making the money they invested within a short time! If you need assistance to select the ideal fence, don’t hesitate to contact G’s Fence Company Today!

G’s Fence Company offer a wide variety of wood residential fencing installation options, based on your goals and budget. Contact us today at (210) 888-1498 to learn more!